Magne Estate AB has affluent clients, but welcomes new clients, who can be a partner in various property-related businesses.

Magne Estate AB has participated in the raising of venture capital for various consortia. A successful example was the acquisition of a majority stake in Saab Automobile’s real estate company, the owner of Saab’s factory in Trollhättan of 483 000 sq meters. The property was sold to Nevs with good results for the investors.

Another example where Magne Estate AB acted was when Kungsleden was down for the count in 2012, partly due to questionable tax arrangements and reckless financing. Magne Estate AB presented an analysis of Kungsleden for one of its clients, which showed that the company was underestimated, but that it was possible to make a “turnaround”. The presentation led to the Magne Estate AB received the customer’s assignment to negotiate with one of the major institutional shareholders to acquire their stake. The negotiations resulted in the deal that led to that our client became the largest owner and got a controlling stake in the company. Magnus Fernqvist agreed to be a board member for 1 year. In addition, he was the chairman of the investment committee. During that year the company received both a new CEO and president and made several successful acquisitions. The course was developed well during that year.